-The goal of uvnc2me was to create a free LogMeIn alternative.  A single exe that can serve as viewer or server. Something simple without the need to configure anything...

Is the authentication done by the access servers ?
NO, the encryption is between the endpoints, authentication is part of the encryption. 
What does the access server(s) do ?
The access servers act like a dyn-dns server.
The access server tell the ip and port of the counter part with the same id. 
Do you need 2 access servers ?
We use 2 servers for loadbalancing and redundancy.

How do I use it?

The same executable is used as server and viewer, it just depend on who pressed the connect button.
Above, you see a sample of the initial screen

ID:  You can compare this with some kind of dynamic DNS, it give your PC a unique identifier.  If someone wants to connect to you, they need to enter your identifier.

Password: The password is used in combination with an exchanged key as an encryption key.  You can only read data from Access code if you have the same password.

Mail access codes to Partner:opens the default mail program with copied id/passwd as content

Status Services

EU access server online, US access server online: We have 2 access servers online.  Only one is required to make the connected.  The server that answer first is the server used to initiate the connections.

Repeater online: In case udp fail, we try tcp using a repeater.


Loop test button: This actual just start a connection to his own, your instance of vnc2me server as viewer and server.  The only usage is to test fast test the connectivity, if loopback fail, no other connection will work.  You don't need to enter access code or password, this test auto use the current.

Connect:  makes a connection to the partner

After the encrypted tunnel has been setup you get the application screen.
Current you can use the chat/file transfer, desktop and admin desktop function

Show Desktop: This function clone the user desktop, running as normal user.
AUCDesktop: This also clone the Desktop, but the application is started as "elevated admin" so you can interact with system application that require the UAC permission.
Chat / File transfer: Chat is a simple chat app, so you can talk before taking over the Desktop. Using drag and drop you can copy files via the chat function.


- Encryption AES 256
- Password is verified inside the encryption stream, password is only valid for one connection and change each run.
- The access server is needed to initiate the connection.  It just tell that the server exist on ip A and is using port B and the same for the viewer.  After the initial data exchange, the viewer and server use a rendezvous to make a direct connection.  The access server does not serve to transmit data between server and viewer, all data goes in an encrypted server/viewer tunnel.
- Both server and viewer can be behind a Nat router.
- Network protocol: UDP
- Ports: 5351, 5352, 5570, 5670
- Nat2nat is done using Udp hole punishing (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UDP_hole_punching)
- Dual Nat, server or viewer behind 2 Nat routers is not supported.  If you’re local network is behind a Nat router and you are testing with VMware you need to use the network bridge mode.  Using Nat mode you get a dual NAT.
- We have 2 public access servers. If you want, you can also install your own server, you only need one server to make the connection.  The server has to run on an official ip address.


You can change the logo icon and access server. To customize uvnc2me you first need to download uvnc2me_custom.zip
this file contain logo.bmp main.ico uvnc2me.ini.
Replace the files with your own.
*128X128 BMP as logo
*main.ico is an icon, not some image that you rename as icon :)
*uvnc2me.ini  ( text and access servres)
s1 = Access code:
s2 = Password:
s3 = uvnc2me access
b7 = Status test
server = support1.uvnc.com
server_backup = support2.uvnc.com
repeater = support2.uvnc.com

Downloads uvnc2me

Extra downloads
Access server the access server needs to run on direct connected server (not behind a Nat) to replace our 62.21266.133/ access servers via uvnc2me.ini


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