Tech data

- Encryption AES 256 
- Password is verified inside the encryption stream, password is only valid for one connection and change each run.
- The access server is needed to initiate the connection.  It just tell that the server exist on ip A and is using port B and the same for the viewer.  After the initial data exchange, the viewer and server use a rendezvous to make a direct connection.  The access server does not serve to transmit data between server and viewer, all data goes in an encrypted server/viewer tunnel.
- Both server and viewer can be behind a Nat router.
- Network protocol: UDP
- Ports: 5351, 5352, 5570, 5670
- Nat2nat is done using Udp hole punishing ( 
- If you’re local network is behind a Nat router and you are testing with VMware you need to use the network bridge mode.  Using Nat mode you get a dual NAT. 
- We have 2 public access servers. If you want, you can also install your own server, you only need one server to make the connection.  The server has to run on an official ip address.